Post Cycle Therapy After A Steroid Cutting Cycle

After completing a cutting cycle, even the best cutting cycle, the body is left in a very catabolic state. This is because during the cutting cycle, the levels of endogenous Testosterone are very low or nonexistent. Steroids used during the cycle lead t suppression of Testosterone synthesis through a negative feedback mechanism. As a result, the catabolic hormones are unopposed and if unchecked lead to muscle break down and loss of gains. This is why a well thought pct has to be instituted.

The best cutting stacks and best cutting cycles are associated with very severe Testosterone suppression especially during the advanced cycles. This is because anabolic steroids occupy androgen receptors in the body and the brain receives this as a negative feedback and stops the production of follicle stimulating and Luteinizing hormones. These 2 hormones are the ones which usually stimulate Leydig cells to produce Testosterone. Post cycle therapy involves the use of boosters which increase the production of Testosterone. Testosterone boosters include natural elements such as Zinc, Magnesium and Aspartate.

Steroid cutting stacks are associated with Estrogenic side effects. This is because the best steroid cutting stack sometimes uses steroids which are broken down to Estradiol. This results in the development of gynecomastia as well as increases the adipose fat. A post cycle therapy contains anti estrogenic compounds to avert this. This includes the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators as well as Aromatase inhibitors.

The Aromatase inhibitors used after the best steroid cutting cycles include Lestrozole and Anastrozole. They inhibit the Aromatase enzyme which is responsible for converting the anabolic steroid into Estradiol. A cycle that contains either of these drugs leads to fewer estrogenic side effects due to lower blood levels of Estrogen.

The use of SERMs after the best steroid cutting cycle has been shown to reduce the occurrence of gynecomastia. This is because SERMs such as Clomiphene and Tamoxifen bind to Estrogen receptors and prevent Estrogen from binding to them and causing its unwanted effects. Post cycle therapy involves the use of both SERMs and Aromatase inhibitors for their synergy.

Some advanced users may decide to include Human chorionic Gonadotrophin in their pct. This is to combat not only the reduced testicular size but also the low Testosterone as a result of the – best cutting stack. HCG stimulates the production of Luteinizing Hormone and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone. These two then stimulate the testes to synthesize Testosterone. Testicular size usually decreases due to disuse atrophy. The size starts returning to normal with returned function.

A post cycle therapy should therefore be given as much forethought as that used when coming up with the best steroid cutting cycles. This leads to retention of gains as well as general well being.