The Best Oral Steroids For Bulking Cycles

A steroid bulking cycle is usually run to aid in gaining muscle mass in combination with high intensity physical exercises as well as a high caloric diet. A bulking stack can be made up of either oral or injectable steroid formulations. For one reason or another, someone might decide to run oral steroids only bulking cycle.

Oral steroids are however characterized with fewer gains in terms of muscle mass. They are also notorious for more severe side effects. This is because they undergo first pass metabolism in the liver and are more likely to cause liver injury. Despite this, there are oral steroids known to form the – best bulking stack. Choosing oral only bulking cycles might be influenced by the fear of self injection or other personal reasons.

Some of the common orally available steroids used in the best bulking cycle include Primobolan, Anadrol, Anavar, Dianabol and Winstrol. They have been used singly or in combination with each other. They should be used after at least 2 years of consistent training as well as by sexually mature individuals. This is to reduce the severity of side effects.

Primobolan Acetate is one of the steroids that are very gentle on the liver. It is however a bit costly. It is a dihydrotestosterone derivative that does not undergo aromatization to form any estrogen. As a result, it is free of water retaining effects. However, it causes slower rate of protein synthesis and requires high doses due to its low oral bioavailability. It also has a short half life necessitating frequent administration. The usual dose is 200 to 500 mg daily in 5 divided doses and the maximum dose can be increased up to 2100 mg weekly. This steroid can be used alone, which is not very effective, or it can be stacked with oral Dianabol. In this case Dianabol gives massive gains.

Dianabol is the best oral bulking steroid. It has massive anabolic effects with extensive hypertrophy of muscles. The usual dose is 10 to 20 mg daily. However advanced users have taken up to 50 mg daily safely. This steroid can be used singly but is better stacked with Anavar or Winstrol due to its water retaining properties. It is also very toxic to the liver and as a result, liver support is advised during its cycle as well as a short duration of use and intense post cycle therapy.

Winstrol does not cause effective bulk gain in men and as a result is used for bulking only by women. It has mild androgenic effects and is safe for them. It gives dry gains, a property it shares with Anavar. they can be used singly but are better in bulking stacks.

Running oral steroid bulking cycles is associated with harsher side effects with fewer benefits.